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Mt. Baker (Koma Kulshan) Sunrise Ken James McLeod

~ I am just a simple man who drinks from an old mountaineering tin cup, enjoys hiking with a crooked walking stick as well as climbing around a bit, is a bit of a romantic, and one that loves the beauty of wilderness to include the never-ending fight to preserve it. My relationship with the earth goes far beyond that than the norm and just walking upon it, for the air, the trees,. forest and mountains are sacred to me. Thus, it is my pleasure that I share my life-long "AlpineQuest" with you.....put on your hiking boots and shoulder your backpack and come explore the natural world on my site ~

"He that seeks the high land shall be blessed
with a wealth of beauty foreveremore."

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Though AlpineQuest.com promotes

the wilderness experience,

it assumes no responsibilty or liability

for those inspired by photo

or verse here at this site,

and who go forth of their own

free will upon the land,

however wild that land be..
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