Scent of Alpine
~ North Cascades ~

Scent of Alpine Ken James McLeod

-- North Cascades --

Absorbed with the spectacular sight of the mountain scenery at hand, I huffed and puffed climbing my way up to 8,400 feet where all of my senses were enriched: along the way with a pungent fragrance of wildflowers in the air, the feel of the moist earth cupped in my hands, the eek-sound of the pika nearby, the pure exquisite taste of the low-growing blueberry blobs I ate en-route. In my mind I thought, "if there is a Heaven On Earth, it has to be here in the high alpine country" as nothing is more sublime than endless mountain peaks wafting in the Scent of Alpine. And unconsciously, I began to whistle the hit song "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison from his 1971 album -

All Things Must Pass...



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