Call of the Red-tailed Hawk
~ Mt. Baker Wilderness ~

Ken James McLeod

Koma Kulshan Ken James McLeod

There are those who never hear him, simply for the fact that their hearing is mostly closed to the natural world -- often far too busy listening to ipod music piping into their ears, or engrossed into worldly discussions, conversations on cell phones, and or texting. Whatever the case, when a red-tailed hawk flies overhead and calls out his shrill cry, rarely does anyone hear it, nor would they ever consider answering back -- well I do.

Perhaps the call is to me something special, and that's why I listen and return the call with a whistle. And when I do, usually the bird of prey recognizes it and answers back again, generally with a head-turn while circling back to see who calls. At that moment, it would seem we are both locked frozen in touch and time, connected, but embraced in our own spirit of life.

"What powerful wings...what a magnificent creature," say I.

And, as I watched the bird fade from sight, while soaring over his beautiful kingdom as if he were its king, I couldn't help but think what a marvel it would be being a red-tailed hawk with powerful wing, too . . .



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