And The Raven Goes
~ Through Portal Realm ~

Ken James McLeod

Olympic Eve © Ken James McLeod

He squawks loudly at you when he passes thereby in flight,

He knows you are here even if hidden from sight.

And he roams the high-wild wind-swept lands far from any blight,

He is the mountain raven colored blue-black from the night.

His, is the magic flow of effortless wing,

And the glide atop wind currents only he can sing.

What is this beady-eyed creature so noble and fleet,

But a kindred soul to climbers of edge and the steep.

Onward he flies through portal realm,

Seeking fantasy in a land only held by his helm.

He is the raven, the mountain raven, who calls anew,

If you listen, and listen hard, he is calling to you...

(inspired from the ravens of Upper South Fork Clearwater River, Idaho)


Nov. 15, 1989

all rights reserved