Purple Peril Evening
~ Steelhead Fly Fishing ~

Ken James McLeod

Purple Peril Evening - Oso Sunset © Ken James McLeod

It is always within me -- the euphoric feeling that comes over me when I fly fish the rivers of my dreams. And I think it can be said that the fly cast is more "poetry in motion" than just the thrust of an arm, rod & reel, line & fly. As well, the environs we fly fish in are perhaps more heavenly than we realize; most certainly they conjure up deep-beauiful emotions within ones soul. And so, it is when I cast a dry fly over my favorite summer-run steelhead and sea-run cutthroat waters, sometimes using the old classic Purple Peril dry fly, I am forever touched by the pure-calm simplicity of it all, whether I catch fish or not...


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