Mother Earth Sonnet
~ Koma Kulshan - Mt. Baker ~

Mt. Baker Ken James McLeod


I am in the fiddleheads that grow on the prairies,

I am the ground that the buffalo and elk run free upon,

I am the stream that the salmon swims,

The wind the eagle soars on.


I am the dawn that the birds sing to,

I am the tranquility found beaneath your feet on the trail,

I am the snow-capped mountains you climb,

The air that you breathe.


I am In the waves of the ocean,

I am that which is coveted by the blue-blackness of night,

I am in the sunrise and the sunset that bathes the horizon,

The gold your fever seeks.


I am the garden you sow,

The medicinal properties found in plants.


I am the crimson colors of Autumn,

And I am the seeds of Spring and tomorrow . . .



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