Kispiox River Fly Fishing
~ B.C. Canada ~

by Ken James McLeod

George W. Mcleod with 20 lbers. Oct. 1957

Ken McLeod with 27 lber. Oct. 1970

Ken James McLeod with 18 lber. Oct. 1971

Inside Ken James' steelhead fly box

Skykomish Sunrise as tied by Ken James' & photo by Mark Boyle

Kispiox River Fly Fishing Ken James McLeod

The Kispiox River first entered my father's life (George W. McLeod) in 1955, when he and three others fishing friends (Web Thompson, Bill Elsey and Marvin Olsen) set up a trip to fish the river. It began with a float plane ride to Swan Lake, where they proceeded to do a "first ever" recreational rubber raft fishing trip down the Kispiox from its source, it lasted 8 days. And on the last day, George landed a world record on a fly of 29 lbs. 2 oz. using the Skykomish Sunrise. For further reading see: Salmon Trout Steelheader Magazine issue Apr./May 1998...Kispiox River Steelhead Memoirs by Ken James McLeod.


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