Earth-works Art - Spirit-Hiking Sticks
~ apple, aspen, bitter cherry, hazelnut, maple, vine maple ~

by Ken James McLeod

Spirit-Hiking Sticks © Ken James McLeod

Each stick is lovingly selected and cut from a living tree on private property, it then goes through a process of peeling, drying, sanding, carved graphics which depicts the sun and mountains (Mother Earth & Father Sky) then stained and spar-varnished. Additionally, a compass, beads, adjustable lanyard, feather, deer horn button, arrowhead, half-marble, and beaded leather tie are featured. All are given loving attention to detail and blessed with a prayer...

As long as I can remember I've searched for adventure and discovery, only to find that the great answer lay directly where my feet my take me; that the intrigue of wonder was indeed walking upon our good earth...


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