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La Push Sunset © Ken James McLeod

above photo appeared in Washington Trails "on-line" September 2008 Photo Gallery


"Simply put, Ken J. loves nature, specifically the High Country and all its splender."

Bob Heirman

columnist for the Snohomish News Tribune, author of books: Snohomish My Beloved County - An Angler's Anthology, A Railroad Runs Through It, and Snohomish County - A Poet's Paradise.


The first thing I noticed years ago before I ever knew you, was your reports often portrayed love of the mountains that went beyond helping fish crawl through the brush, climb steep ridges and ascend waterfalls into those ice age carved basins (stocking lakes with trout fry). I've always advocated that fish are good ways to hook kids so they become defenders of the natural world. Mountain writing like yours helps keep (we) older kids hooked so they continue to be defenders of the natural world as matter of character and a matter of style. Also on forests: our culture and knowledge is changing and we are now well enough off to look at a tree for its beauty and role in the forest ecology and its relation to all the other shrubs and plants and insects and animals and water and fish etc etc. So it is odd that even though we now have more people living in the area wanting to use and enjoy our natural resources, these people are also an asset because so many are now educated to use the land better and support learning more about the land and taking better care of it."

Mike D. Swayne Ph.D.

editor note: Mike is a noted climber with many 1st ascents of peaks such as: Mt Terror (north face), Mt. Despair (north peak), Willis Wall of Mt. Rainier, Roman Nose of Mt. Baker, Mt. Formidable (NE buttress), Mt. Adams (Lava Glacier Headwall), Mt. Adams (Rusk-Wilson Headwall).


"Very cool stuff . . . it's a beautiful site . . . I wish I was up on these mountains with you."

Keith Longman, Issaquah School Teacher 7-30-01


"Looking Good . . . I liked your Rain Forest poem. You're a poet and you know it! You have a special gift and spirit. Photos look familiar...ah to be up there again hearing the distant waterfall and trickling creeks."

Mark Boyle 8-17-01


"You deserve a 4-star rating, I was particularly impressed with the flight of the hummingbird (and text) in your Prayer Stones link, and the text in the Off Trail Challenge link, it hits a bulls eye! Very nice on - In the North Cascades (North Cascades Consort), also woodscabin.htm (Little Cabin in Da Woods)looks very inviting, nice shot. Also mthigginsrain.htm is very interesting and from the heart. 

Virgil Harder Ph.D.(retired UW Faculty 1955-'86) 8-21-01


"You certainly have done a beautiful job to convey these thoughts and emotions to others - we really enjoy your web page, graciously done!"

Yanling Yu and Rex Johnson 8-24-01


"I like your whole site - all I can say is that you have a way with words that speaks to all us mountain lovers. And it just stuck me, you are a modern day Don Quixote! You have his charm, his dedication to noble causes, his admirability, his unstoppable habit of rushing to save every damsel in distress he ever knew, his stature as a poet.....AND his penchant to do battle with wind mills! It's perfect!!! I find resonance with your mind in the following passages: Alas, he thinks God made everything for man....When I walk upon the earth, I do so with the utmost respect for what our Creator bestowed upon us. In so doing however, I am open-minded enough to realize that man is no image of greatness, and is really just a tiny speck of flesh and bone living among the various other creatures on one of the many great planets of the universe. Further, man is not alone where other life on other planets are concerned. And humbled, thus I leave my footprints....."

Sandy McKean, president Trail Blazers Club 2001 9-20-01


"WoW!!! Ken, I just read your Poem (Mt. Si) and that's exactly how it was, you made the rest of my day! Your Old Man of the Forest story is beautiful. Really like reading and viewing your site, thanks."

Hans Helm 9-24-01


"Your web pages -- neat, really enjoyed the pictures and prose." Thanks!

Fred Pflugraph 9-25-01

Retired Teacher/Principal, Wenatchee Area Genealogical Society member, Appleland Bulletin editor.


"Enjoy your web site very much,I like going to it to relax when things get a little hectic at work. On Mt. Si poem: I like it - dark, still, wet, cold, muddy, real!"

Jeff Mix 9-28-01


"I liked your web site, cool."

Martin Jensen, past pres. Trail Blazers Club & Olympic Fly Fishing Club 9-28-01


"I think it's pretty cool that people are not only finding your site but recommending it."

Brian Curtis, Hi-Laker Club & Trail Blazers Club member 10-21-01


"Nice site, though I'm not really one for poetry, but you've got some real great pictures. Cool picture on Mt. Baker from the Sisiters range...I don't think I've ever seen a shot of Baker from that angle."

Bryan Swan (WaterfallsNorthwest.com) 10-24-01


"Great site, thanks for the vector of it."

Tom Bentzen 10-24-01


"Very nice site, it looks great!"

Jeffery Early 10-28-01


"Just got around to checking your site, very nice!!!On Mt. Si poem: it's been awhile since I've been up that mtn, but that poem brings back vivid memories, thanks. Also,Thanks for the read and the great photos on olympicsilver.htm - looks like a spectacular area."

Craig Beaver 10-30-01


"An excellent site for sure, it's quickly becoming one of my favorites, your use of discretion blended with emotional and artistic undertones is much appreciated and refreshing, the Mt. Si poem is fantastic and an enjoyable read, thanks."

Randy Busch 11-7-01


"Your site is excellent. Sounds like you and I have a similar spirit. I fight for freedom of access and the publics ownership of their lands (loved your article about the Olympic Ranger that told you to camp in the valley bottom). In any event, I enjoyed your site, excellent articles and poems."

Ken Boettger (wildlanders.com) 11-13-01


"I was quite touched by some of the poetry on your web site!"

An Observer (Mtn. Goat's Silde Alder Theater Message Board) 11-19-01


"We just got done visiting your website and we really enjoyed some of your work, nice pictures, I look forward to seeing your calenders."

Heino Preissler and family 11-22-01


"I took a look at your web site, you certainly have a thorough documentation/coverage of the mountain experience as it relates to you."

Ed Cooper, climber/photographer 12-3-01


"Hi Ken, You have a wonderful site! This is so lovely: slingshots.htm and the story oldmanforest.htm - Even greater than your writing talent is your heart."

MG 12-11-01


"Mt. Pilchuck Summit Ascent...Wow, that was some awesome reading material right there! Can't wait to see the pictures. Added note: Very Nice on Pilchuck Excursions."

Scott Harder (nwog.org) 12-30-01


"Just made a tour of your website, found it both informative and enjoyable, thankyou."

Lorna and Sharon of California 12-31-01


"Awesome! Wow, your site looks great! The new links are great - what a huge site this has become! Nice work! I'm also glad to see you have so many hits on your site! Great work my man, I look forward to seeing the Mt. Pilchuck ascent you did on the site: AplineQuest - can't wait to read it all and see the photos. And by the way, your sunset photo is the best I've ever seen of Mt. Pilchuck. Your new ones (posters) are just fantastic stunning Pilchuck photographs, Your woodscabin.htm poem is awesome...Simply Awesome. You are VERY good at what you do. Your written piece on the Whitehorse page is truly stunning, Ken. Very inspiring work and the photograph of Whitehorse is great, too! You always seem to manage to get the terrific angles, and lighting. Can't wait to go out in the mountains with you this summer - with our cameras."

Glenn Paul Williams (summitloft.com) 1-1-02


"Ken: Great website. I read all the material on your website - great job. I was pleased to see Phil Leatherman's material there, he's a great guy. I enjoyed the pictures you have up. And thanks very much for your comments supporting wilderness on the NW Hiker net site."

Rick McGuire (alpinelakes.org) ALPS President 1-2-02


"Way cool site man! I really enjoyed your Who Loves Mountains verse and haunting photo, I had to read it over and over again...really good! Then I read your poem Alpine Prayer and that just floored me! Certainly, you have touched the true feelings of man and his relationship to the wild...I commend you and thank you."

A Boeing Employee 1-16-02


"I enjoy your web site with its refreshing and unique style."

Jerry W. Brower aka. IBEX 1-23-02


"Talk about getting to the core of the wilderness with your poems and prose, they are superb!"

Fred Darvel aka. Mountain Bum 1-28-02


" Wow, you have some really nice pictures of mountains, really like your Mountain Realm II shots, makes me want to skip work and head for the hills."

Bill Edwards 2-04-02


"Thanks for the images (Mountain Realm II) on such a gloomy gray morning."

Bruce Gaumond aka. Tsolo 2-05-02


"I just spent about 2 hours at your site reading text and viewing your photos, and I must say I really enjoyed it, you made my day, no my week! Your photos are really grand, simply beautiful! Thank you!!!"

Ron D. Blackwell 2-14-02


Relating to Across Bald Mountain Trek:

"Ken - One of the best pix I have seen of Big4 - wonderful balance between the contrasting greens, blues, whites - great shot!"

Bob Pfeifer (retired WDFW Biologist) 2-20-02


"McPilchuck, thanks so much for MtOlympus.htm. You've got a beautiful site, I will have to explore it further. Most of my exploring has been confined to the central Cascades but I do hope to wander the Olympics soon."

Kleet from nwhikers.net board 2-22-02


"I took a look at you website,sure is nice! Thanks."

Wade Holden (Friends of the Trail.org) 2-25-02


"Hi Ken, was nice meeting you yesterday. Thanks again for the ride down the mountain (Pilchuck) after I climbed it. Been checking out your site. Surely is nice!! I'll have to explore it some more when I get some time. I'd also be interested in one or two of your calenders when you get them out, so if you need orders count me in for two! Awesome pics of the Tetons Ken!!! Take care."

Gerard R. M. 3-3-02


"I had to send you this note: Your photos and writings are fantastic! Very moving indeed!!! Thank you."

Roy Stan Mallone 3-6-02


"Hi I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your prose and photos. It's also neat to read Mike Swayne's accounts of early climbs, and your own writings (esp. on the Olympics) are inspiring to read. I was interested to read about Bald Mountain and "Mam's Crack", ever since I saw it featured in the green Beckey book and that indeed it existed, I could hardly believe it. Well, you saw and did it. "

Michael Stanton (mountainwerks.org) 3-7-02


"Hi Ken - nice job on Pilchuck Excursions, I hope to get back out in the high country soon."

Mike Rice 3-9-02


"Very Nice...Infinite Trails (attached to Spirit Tribute)... you do have a way with words!"

Dan Sjolseth, climber/Trail Blazers Club member 3-27-02


"Your poetry and prose are really quite beautiful and your photos as well, I can see that you are tuned into your environment by how eloquently you write about it and capture it on film...thank you for sharing."

Rita Hollings 4-5-02


"Visited your site, wow what color! It's great to see someone creating web pages other than the standard black text and white background, wonderful stories and photos btw, thanks."

Jim Kratzer, avid hiker 4-9-02


"Great webpage, Ken. I enjoyed your poetry and pics. Reaaly liked your Mt Si poem: That's beautiful McP. and oh so appropriate. Thanks. And oldmanforest.htm is beautifully written as well. On grandtetons.htm - this is great. There is nothing like the bugle of an elk in the wilderness, beautiful words. Re: wildplaces.htm - you are absolutely damned right about this. If we don't all start adopting these sentiments soon then there will be no wild lands left. It's so true....."

Cliff Church (Salish) nwhikers.net board 4-15-02


"I checked out your site, very nice photos of the Alpine Lakes, it's going to take some head scratching to see how many I can identify, those are some of the best lake shots I've seen and those flower pictures have me salivating over the thought of getting up to alpine meadows when the snow melts. Keep up the good work."

Jim Kuresman, hiker (www.kuresman.com) 4-25-02


"Thanks for the excellent story on the Olympics Bailey Range, McPilchuck!"

Steve Fox 4-26-02


"Wow, nice site. I'm going back to your website now to read more of your incredible poetry!"

Cinda Janik, Granite Falls school teacher 5-10-02


"You've got some very nice pictures on alpinequest..."

Phil Fortier, climber 5-17-02


"Thanks McPilchuck, that is a really nice poem (alpineveil.htm) and a nice pic of the falls. Great picture of Mt. Baker Explosion. Great pics from the Tetons, I just went back to Yellowstone and Tetons last Aug. on a trip. The Tetons are my favorite mt. range."

Kim Mann (Ice Girl) from nwhikers.net board 5-29-02


"I really like the way you write: there is something very geniune in your stories and verse that simply touch ones heart, I only wish I could write like that. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pieces of art."

Sandra Bell 5-29-02


"Nice Shot Ken! Good Evening Mr. Sloan (Sloan Peak)."

Mike Ward, School Teacher/Climber/Trail Blazer Club member 6-25-02


"Nice web site! Your family has quite the outdoor legacy in this area. I see you are also into the fly fishing scene. Re: wildplaces.htm - Well Said! Re: yellowsone.htm - What a wonderful experience that must have been to hear the elk bugling and herding his harem around. Very Nice! Laura Zimmerman aka. "MounTAIN Woman" 7-2-02


"Regarding b&b.htm ... Outstanding!!! Also, just want to let you know, thanks for putting the new summit registry atop Mt. Pilchuck, it was my first summit and I am glad there was something nice in the Lookout to put my name in, lots of names and fine comments in it, too. Regarding darkside.htm - First rate, Ken!!!!! You gotta love it."

Rick Spindler (Bushwacker) nwhikers.net board 7-24-02


"Hey! I enjoyed your web site and recognize a few of the places you have pictures of."

Mike Quinn 7-19-02


"You have a very nice site!"

Danny McMillin (Photopia at Mill Creek, Wa.) 8-27-02


"Ken has a great site!"

Myron McKee (www.RiverOfLifeFarm.com) 9-2-02


"Ken, You have a fantastic Web Site. I look forward to spending some time exploring it. I have posted you three links on the ROLF Web site, two on the Library page: (http://www.riveroflifefarm.com/library.html) where your poem is linked from, and another on the page itself (http://www.riveroflifefarm.com/articles/To_The_North_Fork_I_Go.html)"

Jim Rolf - webmster: (www.riveroflifefarm.com) 9-3-02


"Ken, Nice Shot on Mt. Baker (bakerexplosion), and Wow on Mt. Moran photo."

Jamie VanEtten, Trail Blazer Club member 10-7-02


"Ken, you take great pictures! I really enjoy them."

Chuck Russell, Trail Blazer Club member 10-9-02


"grandtetonspage.htm is gorgeous!!! I like the Mt. Moran reflections the best. Would love to do this country on the motorcycle--we have been there twice in automobiles."

Sue Longman 10-10-02


"Hi McPilchuck...a wonderful Mallardy Ridge report today."

Dan Jordan 10-24-02


"Hi Ken, I enjoy your web site, will have to look further when time allows. I really like your picture of the White Lupine you took at Silver Basin...I am going to have to keep an eye out for that if I get up there in the flower season."

Craig Mecklenburg (Wooly) nwhikers.net board 11-4-02


"What a great web site, you ceratinly have a great feel for nature as expressed in your wonderful writings and superb photographs, something we humans could use more of especially these days, keep up the good work! I really loved what you said in bakenben.htm as well as forestfisherlake.htm"

Tim Petersen 11-6-02


"regarding Upper Skagit Range photo: Nice Photo!"

Sarbar - nwhikers.net board 11-14-02


"A wonderful shot and sentiment as usual McPil...Upper Skagit Range. What I like about your site is that there is so much there. A lot of folks have sites, but it takes not time to go through them. No meat if you know what I mean. Yours has meat to it."

Patrick Penna (Pappy) - nwhikers.net board 11-14-02


"I love your pics at alpinequest. Some really great stuff there. I really appreciate the fact that you share it so willingly."

CascadeHiker - nwhikers.net board 11-18-02


"And thank you Mr. McPilchuck for a different read (skypilot.htm) indeed. There's something about that trip down memory lane that digs up feelings from very deep within. Especially that time period."

Newbie Newt - nwhikers.net board 11-25-02


"Love your photos and poetic thoughts."

John Roper, climber 12-12-02


"Hi Ken, your photographs of Three Fingers are beautiful. And so are your words. Thank you for letting us see them, I really enjoy your work -- and I love Mount Pilchuck too. You have such a beautiful web site and I am honored to be (poem) included."

Karen Sykes, Seattle P.I. outdoor columnist 1-6-03


"Your stories have, if I may use the word in a secular sense, a certain spirituality shining through. By that I mean you are able to connect to other people and the landscape on a deeper level than mere observation of the details and communicate the feel of this level in a loving way to others."

MD Swayne 1-9-03


" Re: anglingtreasures.htm - Beautiful story there McPil. Nice intimate adventure. The way you tell it, I was kind of on the fishes side anyway. I don't get the impression you didn't go back because of the difficult hike."

DJH from nwhikers.net board 1-20-03


" On the topic of the Wild Sky Wilderness bill: McPilchuck, I applaud your well-written response. While gas-powered travel is quite popular now, it's possible in seven generations we won't have that option. In that case, setting aside as much land as reasonable to save for those future generations may be the best gift we can give. Many parts of the world do not have this option, due to a longer resource-hogging human history. Our history being little more that 100 years of impact gives us a unique opportunity."

Land Lover from nwhikers.net board 2-2-03


" Hello Ken: I ran across your web site and enjoyed it very much. I read where you were a graduate of Roosevelt High and wondered what year you graduated from there. I graduated in 1971 from there is why I'm interested. I was also intrigued by your love of fishing and photography as these are two of my favorite hobbies as well. To make one more comparison I too shoot with twin lens Rolleiflex camera's and have a large system of Contax gear along with a host of Zeiss optics. Your Photographs are very nice but it's a shame that the internet can't due a Zeiss image justice as I'm sure you know. Well I'll shut up now and I commend you for a wonderful web site."

Don Edge 2-4-03


" Your website, your prose, your frequent input on the TB loop, along with your spiritual enthusiasm for our mountains, is a great gift."

Steve Bucher 3-5-03


" Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem (Wild Side Dreams or the Boyish Heart) It is wonderful!!"

Jennifer Ekstrom (Wild Washington Campaign) 5-21-03


" McPil, something tells me you will always walk on the wild side and dream with a boyish heart (Wild Side Dreams and the Boyish Heart)"

Patrick Penna (Pappy) 5=20-03


" Thanks for the GREAT writing, McPil! I read it twice. (Wild Side Dreams or the Boyish Heart)"

Larry Smith (Olympic Mtns. Hiker & Climber) 5-20-03


" Ken, that is beautiful writing .... don't ever grow up. (Wild Side Dreams or the Boyish Heart"

Karen Sykes (Seattle P.I. outdoor columnist) 5-20-03


" Ken - You're gonna have a hard time coming up with something better . . .(Wild side Dreams or the Boyish Heart) Good Show!"

Virgil Harder Ph.D.(retired UW Faculty 1955-'86) 5-21-03


" McPil, Magnificient words (Gift From The Forest - Anciet Cedar Tree Speaking. Earlier this week I attended a conference in Bellingham of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, and one of the Lummi guys spoke of the literal and spiritual significance of the cedar tree and what it means to the people. Your words remind me a lot of what they said. Thank you for sharing this with us."

Salish (NwHikers.net) 5-24-03


" McPil...I seriously hope you're working on a book of sorts. Your way with words to describe the great outdoors, the feelings they generate, along with the quality of your photos would be a great asset to anyones library."

Newbie Newt (NwHikers.net) 5-24-03


" Hi: Just spent an hour reading intuitive poetry and looking at well composed photos. Wonderful! I'll be back many times."

Ulrich Fritzsche M.D. 5-24-03


" On your story called "Near Nirvana." Bravo---beautiful in every way. Thank you for creating this and sharing it."

Roy Morris School Teacher & past Principal, Fishing Guide (www.olypen.com) 6-14-03


" Beautifully written! You have reminded me of something I love and have not done in a long time...creek walk. Shame on me! That type of thing is good for the soul! Thanks for the inspirations!"

Otter (NwHikers.net) 6-12-03


" Like so many of your trip reports, this (Bedal Basin) is so well written it makes me want to go! Good job."

Chuck Russell, Trail Blazer Club memeber 6-28-03


"As Ivan Doig’s character Susan Duff wrote, “A story wants to be told a certain way, or it is merely the alphabet badly recited. At the right time the words borrow us, so to speak, and then out can come the unsuspected sides of things with a force like that of music.” Every so often, the words borrow you Ken so out can come things with a force like that of music."

Mike Swayne


" Your read Alpine Frame gave me goosebumps, man. Thanks so much. The spirit of the meadow and the alpine frame is within you. I feel fortunate to know someone like you who is so obviously in tune with the mountain's song."

Larry Smith, climber/hiker 7-20-03


" Creatures of Hue & Cry: Oh WOW! What a photo. And what a way with words. You truly are an artist, McPil."

JenJen, nwhikers.net 9-10-03


"Ken, I'd like to thank you for your wonderful pictures and words. I've enjoyed looking over your website. You add so much to this site, I can only say thank you."

Duncan, nwhikers.net 9-24-03


"Visited your our main website and found it terrific. The photos of mountains around Darrington brought back fond memories of a few hikes I made in my late teens. I usually just went hiking to fish in one of several mountain lakes. Thanks."

Bob Kline (Radbach "German Shorthaired Pointers" Kennels) 10-21-03


"I'm just starting to explore your site, but wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying quite a bit. I think the personality of its creator is very clearly visible throughout. Thanks for putting it together. I can see I'll spend a number of hours poking around."

Stu Farnham, Fly Tyer 10-27-03 Duvall, WA


"Great Site!"

Dianna Phillps, Snoh/Cascade Chapter Sierra Club 11-19-03


"Thanks for endowing us with the eloquent falls shots (triplecreek.htm) as you are helping us all stay closer to nature during this inclement time of year."

Trevoclaxtyl (nwhikers.net) 2-5-2004


"Thank you for sharing your images of nature (triple creek photos on nwhikers.net)."

dreamr (nwhikers.net) 2-5-2004


"I found your link on nwhikers.net today, and felt like sending you a brief message to say Thanks. I enjoyed reading from your site."

Mike Bosko (Wapiti on nwhikers.net) 2-17-04


"That story really killed me (Hunting Partner Passing) beautiful work."

Damian (nwhikers.net) 3-19-04



That story (Hunting Partner Passing) was sadly beautiful."

Foggydew (nwhikers.net) 3-19-04


"I just have to say that was touching (Hunting Partner Passing) and so beautifully written."

Wrongbridge (nwhikers.net) 3-19-04


"I just attended a funeral yesterday, wish I could have expressed myself even close to this, thank you for your words in Hunting Partner Passing."

Kurt (nwhikers.net) 3-19-04


"Your site is huge, ------ it's also awesome !!!!!!!!!! A person can't experience all your website in one sitting, it will take some more great hours. Words can't explain all the feelings I felt as I looked and read a lot of your words and looked at your pics. Again, it was a pleasure to meet you and feel the good emotions your website gave me."

Gary Christopher Bojinoff - www.aquaphotos.com 4-26-04


"Thanks to you Ken - who embodies the spirit of the mountains and streams."

Mike Swayne 6-30-05


"Your web site is full of such wonderful, well-written tales. Thank you for sharing."

bonobo (nwhikers.net) 8-11-05


"Ken, That's a prize-winning photo (Surreal Sunset - magicalmoments.htm) Also, thought you might be interested in this-- I've aged the Douglas-firs near the trailhead and they originated following a very large fire in the very early 1300's. Some of the oldest Douglas-fir forests left standing on the MBS."

Jan Hendersen, Forest Service Regional Ecologist & Trail Blazer Club member 8-26-05


"You Sir, have a unique ability to capture superb settings with your cameras, as well as providing the viewer of your web site with very good literary verse relating. And it is very apparent that you practice what you preach in resembling Muir with words, Adams in photographs. Thank you for bringing us such wonderful poetic stories & verse, plus those beautiful photographs. We can't seem to get enough of it, returning again and again to your site."


Ben Swansen & family 8-26-05


"Priceless story, (Huckleberry Hill) McPil. Is that a 54 Chevy? We're both of the same vintage and I wonder how many of us can remember the old green license plates!"

Cliff Church 8-30-05


"Great Shot (alpineallure.htm) Ken,"

Bob Pfeifer 8-30-05


"OOOOOOOOO... (alpineembrace.htm) Let's go. Let's go now!"

Chief Paulina (nwhikers.net) 8-31-05


"Getting me into fly fishin the Stilly is the best thing you have ever did for me. Now its running through my veins like a steelhead trying to take you into the backing. And I know it will do the same for anyone who hooks into one. The meaning of life is time on the water, but lets keep that comment closed circle. Here's to anyone with the steelhead bug (the sickness) it consumes your mind just like a sickness. I wake up, and the first thing in my mind is how I am going to get to the river this week. Then before I sleep it's usually one of the last things in my mind too. And there are very few people who really understand where I am comming from, but I know you're one of them. And you've more then taught me how to get in the club. So here's to you, and your fathers' before you, for giving me the chance to experience what it's really all about."

Your son, Ken 9-24-05


"You captured the essence...very nice indeed." (lovesmtns.htm)

Lookout Bob (nwhikers.net) 1-11-06


"Extremely Nice" (lovesmtns.htm)

Swbkrum (nwhikers.net) 1-11-06


"Hi Ken: What a wonderful picture and inspiring words. Sometimes we take for granted our scenic surroundings in the Northwest, but pictures like that remind us why we live here." (stillysunset.htm)

Don Edge 1-12-06


"Ken, your trip descriptions on your website are informative, entertaining and someday will have real historical significance."

Rich Brown, Hi-Laker Club & Trail Blazers Club member 1-14-06


"Dear Ken, you have an outstanding site! It is without question a place to go for fun reading. I find a lot of the prose, photos, and stories very relaxing: in short, when I feel too much stress, off I go to your site. Thanks so very much for it."

Dale Burndow 2-5-06


"Your Sauk River text brings back wonderful memories!"

Willis Jones, Trail Blazers Club member 3-16-06


Comments from G.I. JOE'S Employees (Lake Stevens store) "Your picture of Gem Lake is: amazing, so beautiful, very enticing, great lighting, setting is beautiful, very cool, sweet, tight!"

Angela Burlle, Ryan Gadwa, Lacie Rhodes, Matt Zinkle, Brie Frazee, Allen Franke, Kris Wuerst, Cannon Brooke 4-10-06


"Dear Ken at Alpine Quest, I would like to add you to our web-site as I feel your site has much to offer. It's also very beautiful. I have temporarily added it - please let me know if you would like it removed. Please go to: http://www.happeningsni.com We are a new web-site, we have only been published since February. Kindest Regards,"

Zebadeba 5-6-06


"Ken, you have an excellent web site, keep up the good work."

Norm Burke, Trail Blazers Club member, climber 6-15-06


"abakerview.htm - Really nice pic there, thanks. I agree with you there is not a better or more beautiful place on earth."

Putz-in-Boots, nwhikers.net 7-19-06


"abakerview.htm - Beautiful Picture!!"

actionbetty, nwhikers.net 7-19-06


"abakerview.htm Thanks for the link, McPil"

Jim K., nwhikers.net 7-20-06


"ode3fingers.htm is very nice, both prose and the photo! Ken, you do write from the heart."

Yanling Yu, Trail Blazers & Hi-Laker member 7-25-06


"Hey Ken, your prose is excellent. Very well put together verses. (eldoradoface.htm) Great pictures too I like how framed the mountain is between some outcroppings. Good eye. Thanks,"

Hans Helm, Trail Blazers Club & Hi-Laker member 8-2-06


"WOW.....what a potent poem. I can see that the "poetry" gene has been passed from you to your son. WOW...again. I am truly haunted by his words." http://www.alpinequest.com/brokenwarrior.htm

Sandy McKean, Trail Blazer Club & Hi-Laker member 1-29-07


"As always, great pictures and many good insights" http://www.alpinequest.com/photolenspage.htm

Yanling Yu, Trail Blazer Club & Hi-Laker member 11-14-07


"Thanks for some great pictures and good advice" http://www.alpinequest.com/photolenspage.htm

Vlad Karpinsky, Trail Blazer Club member 11-14-07


"Thank you Ken, I'm rejuvenated, very spiritual" http://www.alpinequest.com/threetonic.htm

Hans Helm, Trail Blazer Club & Hi-Laker member 12-10-07


"I stumbled upon your website this Easter Sunday morning and just had to say...what a wonderful site! If I can't be on the trail in this rainy weather, your photos and words at least allow me to daydream and plan for summer hikes in the high country. Your website statement seems to follow along the same philosophical lines as my beliefs. Although I am no climber, I do so enjoy the outdoors...and especially the highlands. Thank you again for sharing your vision and words with the world!"

Wade B. Clark 2008


"Really wonderful photos. I've always admired your ability with a camera, which in my mind is the same as an artist with a paint brush." (La Push Sunset Series)

Cliff Church 8-31-08


"Ken, You hit the jackpot! (La Push Sunset Series) The lone fisherman stringing out his net is a 'once-in-a-lifetime' image. I am not an expert but everything about that image makes it special - the spectacular colors, the perspective, the dark silhouettes of the seastacks, the way the sun's reflection lines up with the boat (shooting into the sun is tricky)... not to mention those hazy, purple cloud banks on the horizon - Congratulations on some really great shots."

Don Duncan, Climber 8-31-08


"Thanks again for the great photos, so similar to the scene we saw too. (La Push Sunset Series)"

Jim Mighell 8-31-08


"Wow, great pictures, Ken. Especially...all of them." (La Push Sunset Series)

Hans Helm 8-31-08


"Remarkable! The rainbow almost hits the water where the fisherman's fly would be - only thing more magical would have been having a rainbow trout hit the fly and leap out of the water right there." (Fly Fishing For Rainbows)

Don Duncan, Climber 9-4-08


"Thanks for letting me get a glimpse into your soul (He Who Loves Mtns) - so well portrayed by your words and the images of those two majestic peaks. I am glad I had an opportunity to meet you recently as this enabled me to picture your visage, transfixed, in my mind's eye. Your photos bear witness to the time and effort (including all those times when one arose before dawn) taken to secure such pictures. I feel certain that you get the same feeling that I often have when I walk out into a flowery meadow under one of those silent white giants - and it is more a feeling deep down inside than words - I am home"

Don Duncan, Climber 10-16-08


"Wow! you really take some awesome pics. What a talent you have."

Stella Presissler 10-19-08


"You have an inspiring website, beautiful."

Melody Beckdolt, Snohomish Sportsmen's Club member 10-1-09


"Your matching pictures to perceptions answer every "Why?" I enjoyed each of your previous photo-stories as well...nice gift you have there. Thanks for sharing The River Why."

Jim Johnston, Retired WDFW Biologist 4-2-12


"Your beautiful words echo my sentiments exactly, thanks for putting the words to visceral emotions in Alpine Essay."

Dan Sjolseth, 50 yrs Trail Blazers Club member & climber 4-7-12


"You are so talented with words Ken! I love everything you write."

Monica Clemans-Remmen 5-12-12