Coast Steelheading
~ Enter the Mossy Realm ~

Ken James McLeod

Coast Steelheading Moments - photos by Ken J. Mcleod and Mark Boyle

Spring Steelheading on the Coast is always filled with joyful wonderment and fulfillment: ruffed grouse are heard drumming, hummingbirds are buzzing, elk are wandering, bald eagles are flying and chirping, the buds are popping and flowers like the trillium are blossoming...all within the forest of the towering-huge Sitka spruce trees and tall moss-covered maples liken to the lost world of the Amazon jungle. Usually it's pouring rain but in between the gales when the sun comes out, it can simply be a magnificent day. And when the fishing is superb, nothing comes close to the euphoria one experiences within that environment . . .



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