Coast River Sunset
~ Haunted by the Rain Forest ~

Ken James McLeod

Coast River Sunset © Ken James McLeod

I am forever haunted by the Olympic Rain Forest: its thick-green growing moss clinging from trees, the rich floral that grows on its floor like the Oxalis, the sounds of gurgling rills, songs the water ouzel sings, hummingbirds buzzing by, the cougar lurking but never seen 'cept for his tracks along the sandy shore in between the deer & sword ferns, the majestic elk that roam about, the cry of an eagle overhead, those huge old-growth spruce trees that tower towards the heavens that I sometimes just stand under in complete awe. And then there is the dank air that I breath deep into my lungs, occasionally filled with a taste of the ocean that's nearby, while steelhead fishing a wild stream where few if any man tracks are seldom seen. So it is, the rain forest here stirs great emotion within me when I walk or wade within it . . .


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